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Electrical Insulation

Silicone provides excellent dielectric strength to insulate high voltage equipment from threats such as contamination and animal contact. Can be wrapped around complex and odd shaped electrical system parts making it a useful resource for extending the life of energized assets.

Leak Sealing

Self-fusing silicone tape can seal or slow the rate of damage caused by events such as pipe bursts, pinhole leaks and seal failures. The opportunity to quickly patch a service asset can greatly mitigate damage of surrounding equipment and in many cases, continue the function of the compromised equipment. The repair often lasts until the proper equipment is available to permanently repair the asset.


Bare connections such as coaxial, electrical and sensitive metals can be wrapped to waterproof or weatherproof connections in harsh environments. This single-step silicone layer can also prevent contamination from natural elements as salt, chemicals, dust, debris, pollen to keep assets running without interruption.

Bundling & Fastening

A low profile and smooth aesthetic finish make silicone an excellent solution for clean bundling and fastening applications. Silicone also will not crack, bend or craze after extended aging, making it a great choice for outdoor fastening applications.

Grip Replacement

Handles and levers with failing or missing grips can be restored to original or improved condition. Self-fusing silicone does not have adhesive, eliminating the issue of glues sticking to equipment. The self-bonding silicone compresses to the handle and provides an ergonomic non-slip grip to prolong the life of the asset. 

Sector Identification

Silicone tapes are manufactured in a variety of colors that do not fade or change color with exposure to UV.  Tower erectors and utility providers use silicone tape technology to identify zones in shared equipment without the need for routine replacement. 

Animal Mitigation

Wildlife contact with mission-critical equipment can cause costly power outages, leak damage and potentially incur penalties for harming protected species. Silicone tapes can create a barrier to prevent chewing, clawing, contamination and insulate from phase-to-phase or phase to ground contact caused by animals.