MSP Industrial Wrap

MSP Industrial Wrap is a self-fusing silicone tape solution for use by professionals in extreme environments. It has several unique characteristics that prevent it from degrading in harsh conditions.

Due to it’s lack of adhesives, MSP Industrial Wrap does not bond to a substrate, but to itself creating an airtight and waterproof seal.

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MSP Industrial Wrap can be customized to many of your industrial needs and specifications. We offer a variety of lengths, widths, colors, profiles, and enhancements that can improve your professional workflow.
We have the ability to certify to many specifications including US Military Spec A-A-59163. In addition to our current abilities to customize, we are always researching new ways to improve our silicone tape processes.

Thickness of MSP Industrial Wrap is measured by mil. Boosting tape thickness can improve voltage insulation and burst pressure.
Thickness ranges available:

5 80

mil thickness range

Minimum: 5 Mil Thick
5 Mil
Maximum: 80 Mil Thick
80 Mil
Width of MSP Industrial Wrap is measured in Inches. Width of tape is dependent on needs of coverage per wrap.
Width ranges available:

¼” 4″

width range

Minimum: ¼ inch Width
¼ inch
Maximum: 4 Inch Width
4 inch

Length of MSP Industrial Wrap is measured in Feet. Length of tape varies by industry need. 36FT is the most common industrial size roll.
Length ranges available:


length range

Minimum: 3 Foot Length
Maximum: Unlimited Length
* Most rolls beyond 200ft may be inefficient for professionals to work with.
Automated systems recommended for higher lengths.

The color of MSP Industrial Wrap can vary depending on your application. Useful for sector identification. Black, Gray, and Orange/Red are popular industrial colors.
  • Black
  • Cherry Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Clear
  • Safety Orange
  • Desert Tan
  • Orange/Red
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Skin Tone
  • Brown
  • Pink

  • PMS Color Match Available
US Mil Spec A-A-59163 | Type I

Extruded in a rectangular (flat) shape.
Commonly used as an electrical insulator or where protection of odd shaped components or parts do not allow the flexibility of following a guideline to ensure a uniform wrap.

US Mil Spec A-A-59163 | Type II

Has a ridge extruded down it’s middle that is thicker at the apex than it is at the sides. When it is wrapped in a spiral fashion, overlapping itself and following the guideline, the end result is an even, uniform wrap.
**Only available up to 3″ width**

Perforate tape at specific intervals for OEM and specialized routine applications.
Painted guideline on triangular tapes for easy 1/2 overlap guidance.
Self-extinguishing additive for extreme industrial environments.
Divides rectangular tape into 3 smaller sections. Useful for wire harnessing applications.

Begin peeling liner away from the silicone tape.

Press firmly on object being wrapped.

Hold in place and begin first wrap completely over itself.

STRETCH at 2 to 3 times it’s length and wrap object with a 2/3 overlap.

Wrap tape completely over previous layer and press firmly.

• Jacketing High Voltage Terminations
• Motor Lead Insulation
• Boat Rigging Wrap
• Flexible Heater Repairs
• Extension Cord “Connection” Wrap
• Heavy Duty Industrial Pipe Wrap
• Tool Handle Wrapping
• “Final Wrap” for Electrical Distribution Connections
• Power and Hand Tool Insulation
• Underwater Uses
• Emergency Radiator Hose Repairs
• Rewraps Sailboard Wishbones
• Military Applications
• RV “Hook-up” Protective Wrap
• Jet Ski Electrical Protection
• Salt Waterproof Wrap
• Insulating Generator Coils
• Temporary Hose Repairs
• Automotive Harness Wrapping
• Marine Bumper Use
• Wrapping of Wire Rope “Ends”
• Emergency Repairs
• Marine Exhaust Repairs
• Boating Applications
• Emergency Plumbing Repairs
• Aircraft Harness Wrapping
• Wiring Harness Protective Wrap

• Boat Deck Fitting Wrapping
• Cooling System Repairs
• Radio/Loran Connection Protection
• Fishing Rod Guide and Grip Tape
• Protecting Boat Wiring
• Wrapping Irregular Shapes
• Marine Hose Repairs
• Emergency Insulation Tape
• Emergency Insulating Barriers
• Boat Power Hook-up Protective Wrap
• Jumper Cable Grip/Insulation
• Hydraulic Fitting Protection
• Hot Air Duct Repairs
• Farm Repairs
• Primary Insulator for High Temp. Applications
• Diving Industry Uses
• Transformer Insulation
• For Use as a “Mast Boot”
• Replaces Heat Shrinkable Tapes/Sleeving
• “Bandages” Splintery Boat Rails
• Primary Cable Insulation
• Emergency Hose/Pipe Repairs
• Bus Bar Insulation
• For “Form Fitting” Wraps
• Turnbuckle Protective Wrap
• Home Repairs
• Temporary Applications
• Protection Against the Elements
• Coolant Line Repairs
• Lead Insulation
• Vibration Protection for Hoses and Pipes
• For Whipping Rope Ends
• Temporary Hose Clamp Applications
• No Residue “Masking Tape” Uses
• Sailboat Chafe Protection
• Flexible Repairs
• Oil and Contaminant Protective Wrap
• Heating Element Wrapping
• Toggle Bolt Wrap
• Auto Exhaust Wrapping
• Insulating Motor Coils
• Terminal Splicing Protection
• Industrial Applications
• Emergency RV Repair Tape
• Pipe Wrap For Corrosion Protection
• Electric Fence Insulation Wrap
• Wire Rope Wrapping
• All Purpose Repair Tape
• Insulation for Radioactive Environments
• Marine Harness Wrapping
• Electrical Insulation Uses
• Coil Encapsulation
• For Protective Over wrapping
• Fishing Industry Uses