Hydrogen Gas Detection Tape

Self-fusing silicone wraps designed to detect hydrogen based gas leaks in fuel cell, transmission, storage and generation facilities. 

As gas passes through the DetecTape membrane, molecules react with the colormetric pigment, accumulating over time and changing the tape from translucent gray to black indicating a leak is present.

Product Selection

DetecTape Gas Leak Detection

Visually detect gas leaks in your facility
MSP Part #DescriptionThickness
Tape ColorPerforation
Interval (in)
SeriesCase Qty
DT-H210015-PF4DetecTape H2 – Detect up to 40 1/4 in
diameter hydrogen connections
DT-H210015-PF8DetecTape H2 – Detect up to 20 1/2 in
diameter hydrogen connections
DT-H22020018DetecTape H2 – Detect leaks on large
diameter hydrogen connections


  • No power required. Uses a chemical reaction to trigger color change.
  • Easily installed by on-site maintenance crews, inspectors or operators.
  • Slow leaks accumulate over time, identifying leaks unknown to other tools.
  • Works in unison with sniffers and ultrasonic detectors.

Use DetecTape on

  • Valves
  • Flanges
  • Joints
  • Fittings
  • Connectors
  • Welded Seams

NameDescriptionDocument TypeLanguageDownload
DetecTape H2 PDSDetecTape H2 Hydrogen Product Data SheetProduct Data SheetEnglish
DetecTape H2 SDSCovers all DetecTape H2 tapes.Safety Data SheetEnglish
DetecTape H2 OverviewExplains DetecTape H2 technology and uses.Product OverviewEnglish
NREL Technical ReportTechnical report from National Renewable Energy Labs deployment in hydrogen refueling station.Technical ReportEnglish